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Introducing Zing! America's Rural Broadband

Introducing a brand new, super-fast option in wireless broadband internet For Rural Areas - Zing! Broadband. Fast. Wireless. Internet.

No matter your location in the U.S., Zing will allow you to finally start surfing at broadband speeds, downloading NetFlix movies and enjoying real-time gaming with such systems as PlayStation 3 and XBOX Live. No other national network provider brings high speed internet to so many in rural America!

Zing! Broadband: Enjoy the Internet as it should be.

Are you still using dial-up? Frustrated because you can't get DSL or cable internet in your area? Zing! Broadband Internet is the solution you have been looking for! With Zing!, no matter how far out in the country you live, not only will you now be surfing, shopping and sharing photos faster than ever before, you can also stream video and music! Zing! is also fast enough to handle any Voice Over IP phone system you may have - such as Skype, Vonage and MagicJack!

High Speed Internet Access Wherever You Go

Is your high speed internet connection mobile? Zing! Broadband is mobile! That's right, take it with you. Anywhere that you have access to the powerful Zing! Broadband Network and an eletrical outlet, you can enjoy high speed internet service. So enjoy your NetFlix at your hotel or vacation home and even enjoy live-streaming music from in your car - all you need is an ac adapter! Also, for your convenience, built into the Zing! Internet modem is a convenient 4-switch router. This allows you to connect other devices such as other computers and the XBOX Live or PS3 system to the internet.

Zing! vs. Other Options

Zing! is far and away the best of the broadband options in the rural continental U.S. To find all internet service providers in New York and beyond, check out a broadband search site. There you will find that there has been tons of consolidation of broadband providers in the US. Sure, satellite internet is an option, but have you heard of the Fair Access Policy that all satellite internet providers have that rigidly forces you to maintain your usage within very low data caps - or else be punished by being slowed down to dial-up speeds. 95% of Zing! Broadband users never go over our super-generous plans! That's even with most of our users downloading NetFlix movies and enjoying "fast-twitch" online gaming.
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