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Broadband Wireless Internet in Colfax, ND

When you are looking for broadband wireless Internet in Colfax, ND, Zing! Broadband is the provider you need. There is simply no better option for rural high speed Internet. With Zing! you can enjoy the Internet more, do more and go more places. For a service that has the speed and broadband connection you want, look no further.


Zing! Broadband: Wireless Internet Colfax, ND Consumers Adore

Zing! is committed to bringing you better rural high speed Internet than any other provider of fast Internet in the Colfax, ND 58018 vicinity. With technology that lets you enjoy the speed to do anything you want online, take your connection anywhere you go and the choice of unlimited access so you never have to worry about data limits, Zing! is going where no other provider can.

Zing! Broadband leaves its competitors in the dust with:

- Impressive 3G and 4G broadband speed

- Needed speeds for gaming, VOIP and streaming media

- Dependable 24/7 technical support

- Portability so you can bring your Internet access anywhere.

Wildly Fast Zing! Broadband Wireless Internet Changes How You Utilize Internet

Speed is vital to anything you do online. However, many parts of the country have very limited access to fast Internet. While DSL and cable Internet provide high speed service in densely populated areas, those in rural areas do not have those options. That has left dial-up and satellite Internet filling the gap. Yet dial-up is so slow that it really cannot provide the majority of Internet offerings to users.

Satellite Internet, while much faster than dial-up, still has disadvantages. Its lag time hampers fast-twitch gamers and others uses that require consistently fast upload and download speeds. The Fair Access Policy means that satellite Internet users are subject to data limit caps. Zing! Broadband puts an end to these issues with true online speed and the freedom to choose unlimited Internet access.

Uncover Zing! Broadband Plans for You

Removing the barriers to excellence in high speed rural Internet is what Zing! Broadband does best. You want your wireless broadband service to enable you to do anything the Internet offers and Zing! gives you just that. It even offers two different plans to meet your needs and your budget. The average user should opt for the Z-25 plan which gives you a very generous 25 GB of data per month. Saving you on your monthly bill, you can still use email, social media, search the web and even do downloads and the occasional streaming movie or music. The heavy user should go for the unlimited plan for complete freedom in how you use the web.

Get the Change You Want with Zing! Broadband

When you get Zing! wireless Internet, Colfax, ND seems so much bigger. You can do everything you want to do online and even bring your wireless connection with you anywhere, for always connected service. Experience the difference today.

Start now by calling 1-866-976-4052 and speaking with one of our Zing Broadband wireless Internet specialists.

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