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Hey rural Tennessee! Are you ready to start enjoying high speed wireless internet no matter where you live? Now you can with the new Zing! Broadband wireless service in TN. Get super-fast unlimited internet that allows you to enjoy NetFlix and real-time online gaming with systems such as PlayStation 3 and X Box Live. No more waiting on slow dial-up or dealing with slow, expensive satellite internet service - broadband speeds have arrived in rural Tennessee!

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So take advantage today. Give us a call at 1-866-976-4052 and start streaming TV and movies, downloading all your favorite music and even drop your conventional phone line and start using a VoIP service such as Vonage or MagicJack. You can do it all with Zing!

Zing! Goes Where You Go

Did we mention that Zing! Wireless Broadband is PORTABLE? That's right - Zing! goes where you go. Anywhere in metro or rural Tennessee where you have a power source and are within the vast coverage area of a Zing! signal, you will have high speed internet access. Our unique plug&play system also features a built-in unique 4-router system that lets you connect your Zing! Broadband modem to other computers, laptops, an iPad, your TV, XBOX or PS3! This is also how you stream NetFlix using Zing.

Call us and place your order today and we'll give you 10 free days to try out Zing, RISK FREE! If you don't love everything Zing! Internet Tennessee lets you now do that you couldn't before, return it and you'll get a no-questions-asked full refund!

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Did you know that Zing! is up to three to six times faster than conventional satellite internet provider service in Tennessee? Also, were you aware that you cannot stream (enjoy NetFlix and online gaming) with satellite internet in TN? And with Zing! Wireless Internet TN, there's NO INSTALLATION CHARGE. Give us a call today at 1-866-976-4052 and start surfing faster right away with Zing!

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