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Broadband Wireless Internet that is Always-On

You have a high-speed connection that is always available. No need to wait to dial-in. Zing! is always on and always available! No longer will you have to use another person's internet connection when you have your own fast connection. Be your own HotSpot! Take your internet connection with you! Your highly secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) is accessible to you anywhere you take your network connection.

Take advantage of fast download speeds: Stream videos, TV and music rapidly.

Even if you live in a Rural area, you don't have to worry about lackluster service. Our internet service is adapted specifically for Rural America, making us the fastest provider for you! Our services are much faster and much less expensive than those of comparable Satellite Internet providers! Your access is compatible with VOIP (Voice-over-IP), including MagicJack, Vonage, Skype, and many others!

Zing! goes wherever you go: Vacation, Work, Boating on the Lake!

Your Zing! Broadband equipment is totally portable, allowing you to carry it anywhere you go! As long as you have somewhere to plug it in and you are located within the Zing! coverage zone, you will always be connected!

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HughesNet Service Plans

WiFi for Business

Are you a business? Keep your business operating at full speed with Zing! Broadband Wireless Internet. Learn more about our Wi-Fi for Business plan!

Learn More about Hughesnet Gen4

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