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How Wireless Broadband Internet Works

Imagine no longer being confined to your home or office. Instead, you have a portable, plug & play wireless modem that offers unlimited broadband download speeds up to 3 - 4 MBPS. It's secure, so you don't have to worry about other people tapping in. Work from anywhere, stay connected on the move: road trips, business trips, or in rural areas where high speed internet is not yet available. Take advantage of our 10 day free trial to find out if wireless broadband internet is right for you.

Zing Broadband is a fixed wireless internet provider. What is "fixed wireless"? Instead of terrestrial internet requiring cables or phone lines (think "cable internet" or "DSL internet"), fixed wireless allows for internet access via radio and microwave signals from "fixed" towers. The internet-transmitting towers are similar to cell phone towers, but fixed wireless internet should not be confused with mobile broadband (internet via cell towers). One significant difference is that fixed wireless has one physical access point - and therefore does not support roaming like mobile broadband does. Some people errantly think that latency is an issue with all wireless internet. This is true for satellite internet where there is roughly an almost 1 second lag due to the long distances the signals must be transmitted. But fixed wireless does not have this limitation. Gaming, streaming and other high data uses work fine with on fixed wireless connections.

Fixed Wireless Broadband: The Answer For Rural Businesses

For business connections, many feel that fixed wireless is a better choice than fiber, DSL or cable internet. Some fixed wireless providers can provide dedicated service. This means the user is not sharing their connection with others - thereby resulting in a loss of connection and download speed. Also, statistically fixed wireless provider connections need far less maintenance than terrestrial internet solutions. And, when repair actually is needed, it is much simpler for the company to visit the tower and make repairs in one single location rather than troubleshooting and costly digging up cables underground. Contact Zing today to see about a business wireless internet solution that may work for you.

Diagram Showing How Wireless Internet Works
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