HughesNet® Internet With Gen4 Speeds: The Internet Just Got Better

Gen4 gives amazing web surfing and download speeds to users. HughesNet will be experienced by users like it has never been before thanks to the new Gen4

- HughesNet Gen4 is never off
- Available to rural customers
- No Phone Lines
- Spam filters and antivirus services
- Email accounts
- 24x7 support online and on the phone
- #1 choice as a company for high speed Internet
- Compared to DSL, the Prime Plus, Pro Plus, and Max packages allow an significantly
  superior download speed.

Improve Your Life Thanks To HughesNet Gen4

Do you want to worry about whether your connection is working or not? No. Do you want to be able to access whatever content you want at breathtaking speeds? Yes! Do you need to get rid of annoying phone lines for using the Internet? YES! It is time to call HughesNet and make the all important switch. It is time to stop living in the past and get with the times and the latest Internet technology. There are service and installation plans both for residential and business users. Contact HughesNet today and you will be able to determine what connection you want and what speeds are best suited to your Internet needs.


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It is important for customers to have an Internet service provider that they can trust. That is certainly the case with HughesNet. There has been over 30 years of quality service from Hughes Network Systems LLC, and they have always managed to move forward with the times. As soon as better technology is available, HughesNet does everything to share those advances with their customers. Around 1.2 million systems are installed in 30 different countries, showing the global reach of HughesNet.