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Comparison of Satellite Internet Providers

The fact is, satellite internet is not the fastest internet available in the United States. We are certainly not claiming to offer the best internet speeds of any provider anywhere in the country. What we do offer though, is the ability to escape services such as dial-up and DSL. Satellite internet gives those in rural America the chance to experience the internet like never before. So before you make any decisions, let’s find out how satellite internet compares.

Satellite Internet vs DSL

For those who have moved out of the 1990’s where Dial-Up was at its peak and into the 2000’s where they upgraded to DSL, you may be fed up with your speeds as well. With speeds varying depending on your distance from the main office of your provider, you may find yourself happy with your speeds, but for those getting the short end of the stick with average download speeds of 1.5 to 3 Mbps, satellite internet is right for you! In a recent study, a 10 MB file was able to download in 5 seconds with the average 15 Mbps speed of satellite internet. That same file took 26 seconds with your average DSL speed of 3 Mbps. Here is another look at DSL vs Satellite Internet.

Satellite Internet vs Dial-Up

Let’s face it, if you are still using a Dial-Up connection in your home, you are NOT experiencing the internet the way you should. With constant lag, load pages, and that annoying little hourglass cursor icon that I’m sure you are sick of seeing! A recent study showed that Dial-Up internet, with an average download speed of 56 kbps, took nearly 24 minutes to download a file that was 10 MB in size. In comparison, satellite internet operating at its lowest speed average of 5 Mbps was able to download that SAME 10 MB file in just 16 seconds. By the way, did you know that as of 2013, only 3% of Americans are using dial-up at home?

Why Does This Matter?

Picking a wireless internet provider can be difficult, but it is extremely important that you pick the right one. Today, there are so many daily tasks that require us to use the internet. Some of us don’t even realize how important the internet truly is at this point. Whether you need it to check your emails, connect with your family over Facetime, or just leisurely scroll through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, internet access has almost become a necessity in the home. While I’m sure you could think of many ways and reasons why you wouldn’t need the internet, the fact is, why would you not want to experience and use something SO powerful and useful!?

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